10 5 / 2013

My relationship with my dog largely sums up my dealings with women over the years.

I’ll feed her and rub her and give her all the love in the world and she’ll be in heaven. But the minute someone else comes around, I am no longer interesting. She jumps up and starts sniffing all around them, wanting attention and then I never see her again until she’s hungry or bored or wants to be rubbed on again.

Fucking bitch.

  1. libbylibbylove said: You’re dealing with the wrong women sexy
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  4. plumpprettypisces said: Greg, this makes me so sad cause my experience is the same with my dog and men
  5. just-call-me-vendetta said: At the end of the day, Lady will be the one to bite a fool’s face off for you.
  6. inmyhead16 said: but why did epiphany just come on pandora?! lmao
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